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Network Marketing Match

attraction marketing facebook instagram network marketing network marketing match social media Oct 11, 2020

You have been so patient with me! I've been teasing something over the last

few weeks, and y'all have just been letting me tease it. You just knew I'd tell

you when it's time. Well, it is time. I want to tell you what's going on, and

we're going to spend the next few minutes, a little more than few minutes,

obviously, on something called Network Marketing Match. So let's dive in,

shall we? 


Alright, so what is Network Marketing Match? Well, my friend, let me tell you

a story, a true story--are you old enough to know Real World? This is a true

story, and they go "true story." And one of my favorite seasons had the

cowboy on it, and he singing "true story." I think it was San Francisco. Alas,

as you know, what I do is I work with you, I work with amazing network

marketers. And as I have been not only working with you through Social

Stories, but with one-on-one clients, or even my one-on-ones with members

in Social Stories with my Elite Members, one of the big things that keeps

coming up, and what I found, even in my own research, because being in

this space means you gotta be in the space and really dive in and all the

different ways, is that there is not one place that is user friendly where I can

find all of the network marketing companies in existence in the world

everywhere, or even in the country. Have you noticed that? Because once

you buy into and understand the power and the beauty of network

marketing, well, then, it's just a matter of you finding your perfect match. It's

a matter of you finding that company that you desire to be part of, but

here's what the rub is. You don't know what you don't know. So you end up

joining one because your friend was in it, or there's a product that you use

and you like the product, but maybe it's not really your passion. I can't tell

you how many people I meet whose passion is X, but their business is Y, or

really it's more Z and A, because they just didn't know that there was

something out there. And so through my research, and through my

frustration, and through learning about more and being able to connect, I

said, "You know what? This needs to change." So one day I was in the

shower, and I had this thought, and then of course, I talked to my success

partner. You've listened to what I've said to you in the past about the value

of having a success partner, and Megan Sumrell, of course, is mine. I

decided, "It needs to happen. This is something that I need to do." And if you

know me, when I decide something I need to do,  by golly, I just do it. It's not,

"Okay. That's going to be something in 2021, or that's gonna be something in

two years down the road, or even a month down the road. It's something I'm

going to figure out and get done." I use the big Post-Its, like poster boards,

and stick them all over my wall, and I have one that has all of these

questions, and I had all these questions about like, "Where do I get this and

that and that?" I wrote all those questions down, knowing that once I wrote

those questions down, I'll figure out the answer. And it's happened! Also,

when you've got an idea like this, you rely on and you reach out to people

whose opinions you value to get advice on it, to get their take on it, and I

have been doing that as well, too. But then you just dive in, and you do it.

And so I dove in, and I did it. 


So I want to introduce you to a world where you can go to one place,

Network Marketing Match, and you can, as someone who wants to find a

network marketing company, you can literally dive in and put the category of

what you're interested in, and bot-a-bing, you have a list of leaders, of

network marketers who are, by the way, social media savvy, because that's

important, right? Can we agree on that? You're here. You know that! A list

you can choose from, where you can learn about different companies. You

can learn about different people, and you have an ability to even see their

Facebook and Instagram right there, maybe even watch a video of them, if

they have one, where they're telling you a little bit more about them, and

then link to them to contact them directly. So can you imagine a world now,

and you guys are network marketers, but can you imagine a world where

someone could do that? And then imagine a world for you where you have

the ability to literally post about your network marketing company and

about who you are and know that the traffic being driven to that site is going

to be people who are looking for you? People who are looking, whether they

have been in network marketing before and then got out and they're ready

to get back in, or they've never done it before, but they'd like to know what's

out there, can find you all in one spot. That, my friends, is Network

Marketing Match. 


And so I tell you this now because it is alive and kicking! I don't know if you're

listening right now, and hopefully you're not in the car, but you can literally

go and look and see a sample of what it looks like and what it will be like

when you dive in and go for it. And here's the really exciting thing, and it

shouldn't surprise you--I rolled it out to my members, my Elite Members, so

they could take a look at it, see it, dive in. Oh, I should mention, in addition

to features like that, you have an ability to write articles. If you're someone

who's like, "Gosh, I want to start a blog, but I'm not there yet. I don't want a

website, but I do want to establish myself as an expert, and I do want to

write and have a place where I can have traffic driven to my articles," you

can do that. You can do that on this site. If you are like, "Wow, I have a

special I want to offer!" or "I'm having an event that I want to drive and invite

people to attend," you can do that all in one pretty place--pretty is relative,

but I think it's pretty--a place where you can go and have all of that in one

spot. And of course, you know me, there's gonna be some extra goodies and

things rolling out in the future, but that's where it is now.


Like I said, if you're a Social Stories member, you already know this, because

I rolled it out to you. In fact, I met with a group of them today and told them

about it, which is exciting! But I'm going to say this--you are probably like,

"Okay, what does it mean?" Well, go to the site, and take a look around play

around with it, check it out! What it means is that you now have an ability to

be in your own Google search, be in your own spot, where it's all for network

marketers, where you can find and convene in that place and find out who's

doing what and without any noise, right? There's no noise, and it's easily

searchable, which makes it very easy for someone who's like, "Hey, listen, I

live in Australia. I want to know what's going on in Australia." or "I live in the

UK. What's going on in the UK? Who is doing a business like this in the UK

that I can join their team and rock it with?"  Is your head spinning? Do I need

to take a moment? I feel like I should take a break because I hope you're

realizing what this could do for you, what this can do for you right now, what

it can do for your business, and how you can leverage this to really make a

difference. Have you ever said, "Gosh, I wish there was a network marketing

company that did blank?" Well, there probably is. You just don't know about

them. You don't know how to find them, but they're out there. Well, now

with Network Marketing Match, the search is over. It's all in one place. And I

am so thrilled for you because it's gonna make life easier for you! No longer

do you have to wish, you can find. And if you're someone who would like to

show off what you have, you have the ability to do that as well, too. It's all

new! It's all exciting! And it's all at Network Marketing Match. Be sure to

check it out! And I'd love for you to email me at

rox[email protected] and let me know what you think about it.

Okay, so yeah, I did that a little quick, commercially thing! And you know I'm

never too proud to just be real! 


But I want to talk to you next about what this can do for your business. For

those of you who want to treat your business like a business, for those of

you who want to be in a place with no noise where you can be found, it

obviously can be a nice supplement to what you're doing, a nice supplement

to your social media. Now, listen, this is something that is definitely for

someone who understands the power of social media--I mentioned this a

little earlier--someone who's up on social media. If you're listening to this

podcast, you probably understand the power of social media and growing

your business online, this just takes it to the next level and is a beautiful

supplement to that. But who is it for? Because I know that's a question

already I've been asked. So, it is for a network marketer who is serious about

their business. If you're someone who wants to just sell product, then this

may not be the place for you. This is a place for people who would like to

grow a team. It doesn't matter if you want to grow it by one person or if you

want to grow it massively. This is a place where, if you're looking for, and

you'd like to be recruiting people, maybe they don't live near you, maybe

people who live in another country even, or perhaps another region, people

who are looking and searching for network marketers, and you're like,

"Listen, I'm someone who would love to have a team. I would love to lead a

team and grow that team," this then is absolutely positively for you. 


Now, one of things I love about it is I wanted to make it really easy for you in

a lot of different ways. So you'll find the functionality is fantastic and easy to

maneuver. But in addition to that, this is not something where you are like

handcuffed in, you know, like those auto ships that people are always afraid

of in networking companies. They're like, "I can't cancel!" It's not like that.

This is something that you literally can come in and out whenever it feels

good for you. You can literally sign up and then cancel any at any time. Now

that being said, and this is hopefully for those of you who have a hope one

day, or you're planning on, cause I believe it'll be reality, of growing your

business or growing a concept, being an entrepreneur, again, in addition to

what you're doing now, I want you to know that with this as it launches and

as we grow it, I'm doing something called a Founding Member Launch. And

what that really means is this: I realized that right now it's about getting

people, getting the right people onto the site, and there will be a process, I

am not just taking anyone, but getting the right people on the site. But in

addition to growing that side out, my goal is to have 99.9% of network

marketing companies on there,  representation for them, but in addition to

that also driving traffic to it, right? Cause you got to do that for a site. That's

how it works. I'm doing something called a Founding Member Launch. And

the way that is going to work quite simply is this: Now between the end of

the month, that is the end of this month, August 2020, anyone who wants to

join, who's interested, or thinks it might be exciting, can join at the Founding

Member Launch price. And literally that price is locked in. As long as you

continue being someone on it, you literally have, that's yours, that price

forever in a day. Then after that, I'm shutting it down and really using that

time to grow the site, and frankly you don't pay anything again until the

grand opening, which is on November 1st. Of course, things will be up

running in a wild and exciting way, and at that point, prices will be different,

obviously. But I want people to have 60 days plus some change, depending

when you're listening to this, to get your profile right, to get your listing right

on the site, to take a look at it. And that gives me time as I'm driving traffic

and all the things that our team is working on, all those kinks, so that you're

not spending extra money while that's going. As you realize, the site needs

people on it for this to actually work. Does that make sense? I hope that

makes sense. 


So that's it! In a nutshell, the secret's out of the bag. Now you know what I've

been working on and my vision to really help you, the network marketer,

find the person and the people that are looking for you to be their

teammates, to be their upline. 


And last but not least, you know this, and I hope if you don't know this, you

remember this, and I hope you say it with me by now. You are not ahead.

You're not behind. You're exactly where you need to be. And I, for one, I'm

so pleased that you're here with me. Thanks. 

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