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Instagram DM Update You Don't Want to Miss

246 Instagram DM Update You Don't Want to Miss

direct selling marketing coach instagram social media network marketing network social selling Aug 23, 2023



Love it or hate it Instagram is always changing and if you use DMs to reach out to people who aren't following you yet, you will want to tune into this episode! We shine a light on the recent change and decode how it impacts your marketing game.

We also introduce you to FloDesk's new feature, Social Forms. This game-changing tool lets you seamlessly move your audience from social media onto your own platform, a crucial step towards owning your social media audience. We guide you on how to leverage this new feature to create a bio link for your followers to subscribe or grab your freebie.

Want to start using FloDesk? Click the link to use the code ROXTALKS for 50% off for your first year.

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