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Heading Into the New Year With a Plan

263 Heading Into the New Year With a Plan

direct selling marketing coach instagram social media network marketing network social selling Dec 19, 2023

Join us and dive into practical strategies for navigating the wrap-up of the holiday season and get ready to supercharge your business for the new year.
In this episode, we discuss the following:
  • Strategic Planning: We emphasize the importance of strategic planning for the upcoming year, advocating for 30 to 90-day goals instead of year-long goals.
  • Flexibility in Goal-Setting: Our conversation includes insights on remaining flexible in goal-setting, allowing businesses to adapt swiftly to unexpected changes in the market.
  • Diversifying Offerings: We discuss the power of diversifying offerings, from gift cards to cash-and-carry options, encouraging businesses to adapt creatively to meet customer needs.
  • Balancing Education and Entertainment: We delve into the delicate balance between education and entertainment, stressing the significance of providing valuable content while keeping the audience entertained on social media.
  • Audience Engagement: We highlight the impact of audience engagement through challenges and events, emphasizing the creation of a community around your personal brand.
  • Email Collection Strategy: We discuss the strategic importance of email collection during challenges and events, emphasizing its role in building a powerful database for nurturing relationships with potential customers.
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