Most direct sellers would agree, that the magic sauce to rapid growth is finding a way to shorten the time between your first reach out and when
your prospect says “Yes!”

Hey, I'm Roxanne.

I’ve been a direct seller growing her business, I've read the books, I’ve studied the methods, and I’ve heard it all before. And what I’ve noticed is that there isn’t any direct selling method that takes into account where we are as a society right now in 2022-2023.  

We live in a world where we want a complete
five-course meal experience at Amazon (which is faster than a microwave these days) speed.  

We want our questions answered in real-time but we don’t want to be pressured or coerced.
We want to social proof but we don’t trust all the reviews.


We are a complicated society. 


And frankly, the way Direct Selling has been going about it, with the back and forth in the DMs following a specific script, or by using the Facebook ‘add, tag, message’ group method, is missing a lot of people who need what you are offering but just don’t want to be ‘sold to that way' anymore. 
Facebook groups are dwindling in popularity. 
In-person events are battling traffic, gas prices, and people's schedules
Sliding into one’s DM’s has become “hey girl” message triggering.  

So what now?


Since we know that times have changed, why don’t we adapt?
What if we were so confident in our products and the business that we gave access to the information without requiring that a prospect do it our way?

What if we gave them what they want, how they want it, and therefore got more sales and team members?


I’m about to share with you a way to give them instant access to choosing the products they need in a bite-sized manner. 


Before I tell you how, here’s a quick note to those who aren’t sure if the above applies to you.

Whether you use the DM method, Facebook groups, Live events, or a Mix of all of the above, go with me here…


How many times has someone expressed interest in your product but before the order went through they disappeared, ghosted you, or seemingly went into witness protection?

It happens to Direct Sellers all of the time. And while sometimes it is what it is, sometimes it's directly because of our own actions.


If you asked that prospect why they ghosted you (and I have asked in the name of research) the answer often sounds like this:

There was just too much back & forth, she made it too difficult, it felt like a bait and switch, I couldn’t easily get what I wanted, I had to sift through all of these posts, her long text messages, her long DMs, there was too much info that didn’t apply to me...


We make it so hard with the bells and whistles, invites to groups, limited access unless it’s in person at an event, etc., etc., etc.


And while some do make it through all of the hoops and join and buy, how many do not?


Truth is, the amount of prospects that do not make it through the process is increasing every day and will keep increasing until we update our system.


We must stop trying to get our prospects to turn the clocks back 5 years & instead we need to consciously turn the clocks forward by being innovative in giving them what they want in a way that quickly turns them into team members & customers.


The answer?

Social Leads!

🤯 I'm mind blown...Help me do this Rox!

So how do WE do it?


Let me guide you.

Since creating this cutting-edge program, I’ve coached Direct Sellers just like you on how to build out a Social Leads system custom to their business and I’m ready to take you through the process. Over the course of 5 weeks (a little bit at a time), I’ll guide you step-by-step through mapping out your Social Leads, recording, and launching it.


Together, we’ll create your very own custom automated leads system to quickly and reliably attract ideal customers and team members without you having to be present. 🙌🏽

What you'll get:

Five Live Coaching Sessions:
This is a  RoxTalks 

Done With You
 offering, which means that I’ll be coaching and helping your through the process live. 
(Replays available)
The Social Leads Strategy & Blueprint:
Includes mapping out your Social Leads, Recording Tips, and more
Promotion & Implementation Plan:
Once we’ve built out your Social Leads you’ll get a customized plan for promoting it, and rolling it out to across your business.
Voxer Group:
Have access to ask questions and get coaching between sessions via a private Voxer group.
How to Choose your Hero Product Assistance

Be part of the next round and create your very own Social Leads system that attracts customers and team members on autopilot.


There’s a faster, easier, more targeted way to attract loyal, recurring customers and self-motivated team members.